Danalock - the smartest Smart Lock ever.

Easy to mount 
The Danalock is a retrofit smartlock that’s easily mounted on almost any door by anyone in minutes.

Easy to install
Install the Danalock App on your phone in seconds. A wizard then guides you through the calibration and setup of your Danalock.

Easy to use
Lock and unlock with the userbutton, the TwistAssist function or using your smartphone. And with auto unlock you simply unlock when you approach your home and lock automatically right after you entered.

Long battery life
The Danalock has an average battery lifetime up to one year, and needs no external powersource. Be ware that using some Z-Wave Gateways may cause shorter battery lifetime. The battery status is easily wiewed in the App. When battery life hits 30, 20, 15 and 10 percent a notification is sent by SMS and email with links to the web-shop.

Discreet, durable & danish
Danalock combines the elegance and minimalism of Scandinavian design - with a bezel in massive anodized aluminum and cutting-edge Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology. Discreet danish design build to last.

Permanent or limited access
No more hiding keys under the mat. Give the family fast and easy access with their smartphones. Grant housecleaners, contractors and guests time-limited or recurring access and get notifications when your lock i used and by whom.

The Danalock app makes it fast and easy for you to give 3 kinds of access to your home whenever you want it. Send the access by username, sms or e-mail. You control if you want to be notified when that user locks or unlocks your door.

Total house control
What if your house knew you’re on the way home? When you arrive the garage door opens, the alarm switches off, the door unlocks, your favorite music is played and the temperature and the lights are set as you want it. 

Expand the control of your smart home with a Danalock, the perfect initiator for all your home commands. The Danalock works seamlessly with other smart home devices, and all communication is heavily encrypted - noone can hack their way into your home.


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