FIBARO is a complete smart home ecosystem for managing, monitoring the intelligent automation of living and working environments.

FIBARO’s system of unique designed modules and sensors allows your home or office to intelligently adapt and respond to the changing environment, effortlessly maximising your comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

The FIBARO system is based on Z-Wave wireless mesh technology and a revolutionary new non-invasive installation procedure to completely eliminate the need to run new cables – making it retrofittable into any building, irrespective of the existing cabling architecture.

FIBARO is designed to work in harmony with the technology you use every day.

FIBARO can automatically switch o­ff your electronics when you leave the building to save power, or warn you if you forget to close a window when you leave for work. 

FIBARO can take a reading of the natural light levels every time you turn your lights on, and dim them to just the right level to provide perfect illumination without wasting electricity. 

FIBARO can shut off­ your water supplies and isolate your electronics in the event of a flood to prevent damage to your home and belongings.

FIBARO can create beautiful lighting scenes that are called up at the press of a button, or track your whereabouts by GPS, start your coffee machine and play your favourite music as you get home from a long day at work.


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