Oben & Unten helps tiny, small and medium sized organizations at any level with 


Better Experiences

Deliver better experiences and achieve closer intimacy with your customers. This can result in fewer calls to front of house, higher levels of trust and satisfaction and open up opportunities for cross selling.


Service Resilience to market factors 

Making “non-essential” services recession-proof can be done by focusing on three dimensions – things that customers really value; things that really annoy customers; and things that cost a lot of money to do. With this understanding, we can prioritise investments that make services more resilient to market factors.

Service Quality

Consistent Service – doing it consistently well over time – Services that are complex or internally convoluted can be hard to deliver (and costly). The key to achieving higher levels of service quality and consistency is to look within the organisation at the people, processes, systems and drivers and to design a flow that works.


Cost reduction and control 

Reduce cost while increasing customer satisfaction. By working on the organisation side of the service delivery in the context of a customer journey, we can identify, assess and prioritise cost reduction changes that can also improve service quality.

Reducing Churn 

Retain customers and reduce churn by using techniques that identify pain points and triggers for churn, combined with identifying and focusing on the aspects of the services that are highly valued. Using this information we can design improvements or new services that retain customers.


Multi-channel integration and Service Alignment

Consistency across channels is a key to customer satisfaction and high cross sales opportunities. Service design is a holistic approach that inherently looks across multiple channels so that consistency across channels is achieved, as well as across different touchpoints within one channel over time.


Infrastructure re-use 

Understand what it takes to deliver an experience, before we build it by looking into the organisation with service blueprints we better understand the scope of the build and integration effort – we can also test options through enactments or prototypes to help make better decisions.


Reducing costly complexity by focusing on the things that matter to the customer and the business drivers by understanding the aspects of the services that are highly valued, we can reduce un-necessary complexity and cost.

Organisational design and optimisation

Prototype service experiences before we invest in taking it to market allows you to test, validate and improve a service in a cost effective way, before you finalise technical or organisational requirements and designs – you save money and time to market.



Internal and external – sometimes things are hard to achieve because everyone seems to have their own view about what needs to be done. Building a common and uniting view within an overarching strategy is sometime the missing piece in change programs.