Secuyou Danish smart security devices

Tired of having to “make the rounds” and check that every single door and window in your home is locked, before you can leave your home? Danish entrepreneur Leo Laursen was. So he set out to design his own smart locks and patented the first one back in 2005.

Today, Secuyou offers a range of smart locks that save you a lot of time, make your home secure, and stay true to the tradition of Danish design.

The Secuyou Smart Locks fit most doors sold in the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian markets. They easily replace old locks and handles so you can control your door from your smartphone.

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The benefits of Secuyou Smart Locks include:

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Automatic unlocking

  • Automatic locking

  • Optional manual locking

  • Long battery life

Secuyou keeps you safe from lock hacks with the time-out

Secuyou Smart Locks can withstand a lot of brute force (100N/m) making them compliant with Swedish standards for garden doors (we don’t have such standards in Denmark). This means, a burglar would have to apply an insane amount of force to pry the lock open. 

Most burglars will instead look for an easier way in. Breaking a window will always be one of the easiest ways in. But it also makes a lot of noise and risks alerting neighbors who can then stop the burglary. So a clever burglar might simply try the code for the door …

This is where the brilliant time-out system in a Secuyou Smart Lock comes in.

The code that connects your app to your smart lock consists of five digits, which brings the number of possible digit combinations to 100.000. If a burglar would patiently try every one of these possible combinations, this is what happens at each failed attempt:

  1. The lock disables Bluetooth for 20 seconds
  2. The lock disables Bluetooth for 60 seconds
  3. The lock disables Bluetooth for 120 seconds
  4. Between the fourth and 14th wrong attempt, the time-out increases
  5. The 14th wrong code entry disables Bluetooth for at least 72 hours

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Secuyou Smart Locks are a solid and smart way to secure your home.

Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about how Secuyou products fit your needs.