In conjunction with Huddle's strategic design group, we can deliver more strategic benefits to your organisation:

Competitive differentiation 

Differentiating services in a way that is sustainable comes from delivering things that customers value with a cohesively delivered set of service elements that are hard for other organisations to replicate.

Profitable growth and scalability

Obtaining and communicating a clear view of the business model that underpins a service can help unite people in the right direction so that new services are built for profitability and designed for scale.

Service Portfolio Consistency

in line with the company experience strategy – Deliver more consistent experiences across services by designing an experience vision and and experience DNA we can create templates and patterns that make it easier and faster to create new consistent services.

Drive retention and advocacy

Retain your profitable customer and help them become advocates for you and your services – Value delivered well opens up opportunities to reduce cost of sale and increases the lifetime value of your customer to your business.