We produce many different outputs which are tailored to our client (we prefer to call clients our partners). Our partners have different requests, cultures & contexts and we like to work in a way that is in line with all these things. Common examples of outputs are:

Customer Journey Map

The customer journey map is a visual description of the path a customer takes throughout the service experience. It highlights the different touchpoints that characterise the service experience and can also describe whether the experience is positive or negative at each touchpoint. It can be used to provide context around how individual services are being experienced in the context of a holistic journey.

Service Blueprint

A service blueprint is a visual and detailed map that describes the service interactions from the customer’s perspective and the organisation’s perspective. It helps to align all the touchpoints and organisational processes to align with the user experience. It can be used to address painpoints, seek efficiency gains and innovate new approaches.

Touchpoint Analysis

Touchpoint analysis focuses on individual touchpoints within the context of a journey. The analysis focus on the systems, processes and devices that are in use at the specific touchpoint. It can be used to highlight whether the technology choices are appropriate to enable the type of experience intended at the touchpoint, or address process inefficiencies or gaps.

Service Integration Plan

For a service to be delivered consistently the organisation delivering the service needs to be tightly integrated to execute on that experience. The service integration plan describes how the organisation needs to operate across experience, technology, business, process and structure to successfully deliver the intended service to the market. This can be used to address areas of the business which are not structured appropriately to deliver upon the intended service experience.

Service Relationship Map

This is a map of services within a portfolio of related services. It is a visual representation of the relationships between the services that may already exist in the market, the compatibilities and incompatibilities. This map can be used to better understand opportunities for bundling, cross selling and areas requiring more alignment.

Strategic Communication Plan

Improving or innovating services always requires a multi-focussed effort across the organisation which also requires strong communication. This plan describes what types of messages need to be communicated to which audiences, at what time and in what way. It is useful to help avoid the need for tactical communications pieces and gives the organisation time to insightfully communicate to relevant stakeholders.