Smart home distribution

Save money and electricity with smart building solutions

We have grown to become the only dedicated smart home distributor in the Nordics.

Besides distribution, we also offer consulting on smart building solutions for general contractors, building owners, holiday rentals, and other businesses in the construction industry. They aim to design their buildings to be both smart and energy-saving, and we provide the products and expertise needed to make this a reality.

We offer our technical expertise and modern solutions that let you …

  • Set new standards in energy saving construction

  • Save power with collaborating HVAC and access systems

  • Automatically turn the power off single desks and offices when not in use

  • Sell some of the best solutions in smart operations of buildings

  • Set scenarios to welcome employees, tenants, and more

Biggerthings consults and sells smart building solutions. We’ve been nerding out on tech stuff all our lives and truly care about striking the right balance between your budget, desired functions, and security needs.

As an experienced distributor of smart home products, we’ve gotten to know the best solutions in the market. 

We pull on our vast network of partners and specialists to secure you the best solutions. Always.

Our Products

Smart home and smart building solutions