Aqara smart home products

Aqara smart home products are suitable for making both private homes and commercial buildings smarter with central control.

Aqara is known for high-end design, user-friendly features, and a complete range of smart home products. You can find Aqara smart home products installed in the homes of more than two million customers across most countries on Earth.

The Aqara smart home hubs can integrate all your smart devices in the home, so you can control them from a central device. The Aqara hubs can help create scenarios and routines that suit your needs and optimize energy consumption and comfort in the home.

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The Aqara motion sensor can be used to detect movement in the home and notify other devices in your smart home system. For example, the motion sensor can be used to turn on lights in a room when someone enters the room, or to activate an alarm system when suspicious activity is detected.

The Aqara smart plug can be used to control and monitor your electrical appliances in the home from your smartphone. This can help save energy and optimize your home’s energy consumption.

Aqara smart building products for commercial buildings

Aqara smart home products can also be used in commercial buildings. The Aqara Presence sensor can be used to monitor different areas in the building and notify of activity. It can help improve safety and optimize the working environment.

With the Aqara hubs you can integrate all smart devices in the building and control them from a central device. Your defined scenarios and routines can optimize energy efficiency in the building as well as the comfort for humans occupying it.

Overall, Aqara’s products are versatile and can be adapted to different usage scenarios in private homes and commercial buildings. They can help improve safety, optimize energy consumption and improve the working environment.

Aqara solutions for safety and health in construction

Aqara’s sensors can play an important role in helping to keep buildings safe and healthy.

  • Security sensors

Aqara’s door sensor can detect when a door or window is opened or closed and send a message to your smartphone. You can therefore be notified of potential intrusion into the building and prevent theft and damage to the property

  • Smart temperature and humidity control

Aqara’s temperature and humidity sensors can help monitor and regulate the indoor climate in the building. It can be important to maintain a healthy working environment and prevent mold growth 

  • Smart air quality sensors

Aqara’s air quality sensors can monitor VOCs and other harmful substances in the air. It can help identify potential contamination and improve air quality in the building, preventing health problems such as headaches and allergic reactions

  • Smart water sensors

Aqara’s water sensors can help monitor possible water leaks in the building, so you avoid direct water damage or excessive humidity

Overall, Aqara’s sensors can help maintain a safe and healthy building environment by providing early warnings of potential hazards and by monitoring the indoor climate. With a combination of different sensors and devices, Aqara can help create a more intelligent and automated building environment.

Reach out to us if you’d like to carry Aqara in your retail stores or learn more about how Aqara can be used in your smart building use case.

Reach out to us if you’d like to carry Aqara in your retail stores or learn how Aqara can fit your use case