Danalock – a Danish smart access control solution

Who doesn’t love Danish design? Well, as Danes ourselves, we can’t help but love contemporary design classics like the ones Danalock produces.

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Danalock produces an ecosystem of security focused smart products

  • Danalock Smart Lock

is the smart wireless lock that makes it easy for you to access your home without digging for your keys. Simply unlock the door with your smartphone or the Danapad Keypad. It’s also perfect for sharing one-time or limited use digital keys for a contractor or your cat-sitter. It’s compatible with any standard door and looks a lot better than your old un-smart lock

  • Danapad smart keypad

is an easy to install keypad that works with your Danalock out of the box. Built for harsh Scandinavian weather, the elegant keypad will last many years pretty much anywhere. Perfect for handing out one-time codes for deliveries, guests, or a helpful neighbor

  • Danabridge

is the link you need when access control isn’t just a Bluetooth fix for you. With the smart bridge and the Danalock app, you can monitor and operate your Danalock from anywhere

  • Danalock Universal Module

is the odd one out. And we mean that in the best way. It’s designed to be integrated in electronic devices, so you can control garage doors, magnetic locks, gates, windows, and more with the same ease as if they had the Danalock Smart Lock

Wireless smart monitoring and access control with Danalock

Danalock was founded by Henning Overgaard and his son Hans Overgaard. They originally wanted to source products from another company but ended up developing their own smart lock solutions instead.

Simplicity and perfecting select features is the dominating approach to the individual Danalock products as well as in the Danalock ecosystem as a whole. Rather than building out an entire smart home ecosystem, Danalock sticks to what they know and do best. Integrating with known and trusted smart home hubs and other solutions is part of this.

But is it safe?

The short answer? Yes!

If you’re not content with the short answer, we understand. It takes a leap of faith to replace old metal keys with a smart product. So here are some other facts to consider:

  • The Danalock App has been on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for years
  • The Danalock smart lock uses the same level of data encryption as governments and military
  • Danalock products are actually in use in some military departments like the Norwegian defense department

We’re happy to be among the partners helping to advise on and sell Danalock products. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Danalock can add security to your smart building use case, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.