Eve Systems – beautiful smart home products

If you’re looking for a complete range of beautifully designed smart home products, Eve Systems should catch your eyes. This German smart home product brand is all about setting new standards for comfort, safety, and smart control of your home. They’ve done such a good job at it, that they won the reddot award in 2022.

A key factor in choosing Eve Systems is their focus on privacy. Eve offers no cloud storage of its own. Instead it’s designed to work seamlessly with Apple HomeKit and iCloud to make sure your home is a safe and private space no matter how smart you make it. Even though they began as an Apple focused smart home brand, they also offer easy access through Amazon, Google, and Android devices.

You can choose to store data in your iCloud with Eve smart home products. But by default none of your private data is stored in iCloud. So yes, Eve Systems are serious about privacy.

Become Reseller

Eve Systems offers solutions in:

  • Smart energy

Making it easy for you to adjust the atmosphere, save power, and simulate presence while you’re away on vacation

  • Smart indoor climate

Giving you a crystal clear view of air quality, humidity, and other issues with your living spaces

  • Smart shutters and shades

Letting you schedule shading in your home or act on changes in outside light without leaving your couch

  • Smart lighting

Putting you in control of ambience, sleep cycles, home cinema experiences, and much more

  • Smart security

Offering everything from cameras and floodlights to contact sensors and water leak detectors

  • Smart outdoors

Helping you dress for the weather, light your garden, and control water use

Complete smart home ecosystem

Eve Systems effectively covers most smart home needs for any consumer. Their powerful smart home products are characterized by simple designs, and are known to be very durable in most use cases.

You can use Eve smart home products to reduce energy consumption in your home – even during Christmas, when you might have a lot of extra lights.

Whether you’re looking for a smarter way to save on standby power use or to automate large parts of your everyday life, Eve has you covered.

Popular products from Eve include:

Eve Energy smart plugs and Eve Energy Strip that you can use to voice activate lights, make your appliances work smarter

Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor that shows you the humidity, temperature, oxygen level in your household

Eve Motion sensor that can activate your lights and devices as you move through your home

Eve Secure cameras for your indoor and outdoor monitoring and protection

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