Fibaro smart home products

Fibaro offers a complete smart home ecosystem designed to take your automations to another level.

Whether you’re looking to secure and increase comfort in your home or workplace with smart solutions, Fibaro produces a range of products that you’ll want to consider.

Based in Poland, Fibaro spans the globe with their smart devices carefully adapted to customer needs. They also take good care of their partners with smartphone apps for installers and a very open approach to collaborating with businesses like general contractors, architects, and real estate developers.

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Some benefits that bring customers to the Fibaro ecosystem are …

  • Safety

Install sensors to alert you of motion, opened windows and doors, smoke, gasses, and more

  • Staying smart offline

Power outages do happen. Whether they’re local to your property or hit your internet provider, Fibaro has clever solutions that keep your smart home solutions running

  • Ease of use

Smart home products from Fibaro are intuitive in use and can be controlled from simple switches in your home or the corresponding smartphone app

  • Compatibility

Fibaro works seamlessly with a long list of multimedia systems, heating systems, security systems, voice assistants, and smart devices from well-known brands like Danalock, Homey, and more

  • Making old devices smart

You don’t have to switch your entire alarm system, garage door, or heating system to make them smart

Fibaro lets you stay smart even when offline. Fibaro Home Center works internally even when there’s no internet connection to the outside world. Thanks to the internal Z-Wave connection you can still control your home with your voice and your smartphone.

Make old devices smart with Fibaro

One of the most popular smart home products from Fibaro is the Smart Implant. Replacing your old garage door, sound system, alarm system, or heating system is costly. With the small but powerful Fibaro Smart Implant you can make a lot of old devices smart.

Control your old garage door remotely or set scenarios for it to automatically open when it’s time to drive to work – or when the Smart Implant senses the need to let fresh air in to keep the temperature down.

Most Fibaro products are designed to work in true plug-and-play fashion. This means, you can often save money on installation – even if you’re not taking care of the work yourself. The Fibaro system is based on Z-Wave wireless mesh technology and a new non-invasive installation procedure that eliminates the need to run new cables.

This means Fibaro is great for a wider range of installations – even in old buildings with older installations and devices.

Smart heating and climate control

Saving energy is always smart. With Fibaro you can optimize the lighting, heating, and ventilation of your home or building. With smart devices like The Heat Controller and Roller Shutter you can save money while keeping your home just the way you like it best.

Set up your lights to be activated by movements, your electrical appliances to shut off if there’s flooding indoors, and stay informed about your indoor climate – or make your own adjustments.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to carry Fibaro products in your store or discuss how Fibaro can be part of the solution in your next smart building project.