MotionBlinds smart window covering

MotionBlinds specializes in motorized window covering and was founded in the Netherlands. The MotionBlinds motor is reliable, cordless, easy to set up and can be controlled from anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to automate the office blinds or connect your living room curtains to the rest of your smart home, it’s safe to say that MotionBlind is the clever choice. As a part of family run Coulisse, MotionBlinds benefits from 30 years of expertise in the window covering industry. 

Let your devices talk to each other and create the ideal living environment for your family. Connect and control the MotionBlinds from anywhere with the Bluetooth and RF supporting design.

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Discover several benefits to connecting your window coverings to the rest of your smart home:

  • Energy efficiency

Avoid sauna-like temperatures in the living room on hot summer days. And keep the heat inside in winter where about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through the windows

  • Convenience

Do you prefer waking up to natural daylight? Or do you often forget to close the blinds when you leave for work, resulting in blow torch-like temperatures in summer? Moving to the rhythm of your daily life, MotionBlinds have you covered

  • Safety

Make your home burglar-repellant and get peace of mind when you’re on holiday. Set a timer to open and close your blinds at certain times, so your home looks inhabited and prevent break-ins

Upgrade your smart home in minutes

Ready to bring your entire home or building together to save on energy? Connect MotionBlinds to the rest of your smart home with a few easy steps.

The integrated battery motor is easy to install and requires no technical know-how or special equipment. 

All you need to do is scan the set-up code, follow a few steps in the app and you’re ready to control your blinds from anywhere.

And the wires? There are none. The motor is cordless and rechargeable with a standard USB-C cable and with average usage, it only needs to be charged once or twice a year.

Level up your smart home. Connect your MotionBlinds with popular Smart Home platforms by adding the WiFi Bridge to your MotionBlinds setup.

The cherry on top

Imagine this. It’s the coldest day of the year and you’re at work. You left the heat on and the shades open so normally you would dread your next bill.

Not today. MotionBlinds is one of the smartest ways to lower energy consumption and save money. Here’s how:

Less heating and air conditioning: with smart shades that open and close according to either temperature or your time schedule.

Acts as isolation: keeps the heat inside in the winter and out in the summer.

Less LED, more daylight: take advantage of the natural daylight and save on electricity for lighting.

Choose MotionBlinds and make an impact

Apart from the obvious advantage of cutting your heating costs, you’re contributing to a better and cleaner world when choosing MotionBlinds.

85% of MotionBlinds’, and its parent company, Coulisses’, locations operate on sustainable energy. Their materials are designed to stand the test of time – either made from recycled materials or produced in a responsible way. 

Are you ready to join the future of smart living? Let’s talk about how MotionBlinds can fit your use case.