Sensative IoT sensors and solutions

Sensative is an innovative Swedish tech company specialized in developing IoT solutions. If you’re looking to digitize your buildings, you’ll definitely want to consider some of the solutions from Sensative.

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Sensative solutions cover use cases in smart buildings, smart homes, smart cities, smart agriculture, and even smart ships.

  • Smart home solutions with Sensative

Help you prevent water damage, break-ins, bad indoor climate, and more

  • Smart building solutions with Sensative

Have considerable overlap with smart home use cases. Besides that they’re also perfect for managing your lighting, energy savings, and predictive maintenance

  • Smart utilities with Sensative

Cover some of the leading suppliers in electricity, gas, and water. They use Sensative solutions to analyze and improve operations, develop new business models, and much more

Even in our own home country of Denmark, we’ve got some companies and organizations whose infrastructure spans vast areas. Rather than having people spend their time monitoring cables, pipes, and all buildings, Sensative IoT solutions can help centralize the monitoring and maintenance.

Helping IT Architects with a standardized platform

Nobody likes to be locked-in to a single platform or technology. Instead of simply getting started with an IoT use case we risk analysis paralysis – postponing actions for fear of making the wrong choice. This is one of many issues Sensative relieve.

The founder of Sensative was a part of the team that created the first mobile phones at the Swedish telecom icon Ericsson. Mobile phones and Bluetooth changed a lot of things in our world. This seriously took off when smartphones came on the market, and everybody could bould their own apps for them.

Now, Sensative does the same for the IoT ecosystem. With the data infrastructure management system, Yggio DIMS® platform, you can integrate any sensor, technology, supplier, broker, and much more.

So if you’re looking to get started with an IoT solution in your field, Sensative has you covered. Even if you don’t start out with their solutions, you’ll be able to add them and avoid lock-in later on.

Popular Sensative products

Sensative produces a long range of powerful IoT and smart products with sleek designs. These are some of the most popular ones:

  • Puck sensors and radars are great for GPS-tracking of valuable machinery and equipment, monitoring waste bin and container levels, available parking space, and much more
  • Strip sensors are a complete series of elegant strips engineered to monitor windows, doors, humidity, temperatures, lighting, and water leaks
  • Switches to combine with Strip sensors let you turn off all installations at one desk or working station for improved safety and energy savings

Part of the IOT products work perfectly with the Yggio DiMS® platform that also lets you integrate a range of other smart building solutions to fit your use case. All their products are fitted with batteries that last as long as 10 years before needing replacement.

Let us know if you’re looking to make maintenance, security, and energy savings a breeze. We know how Sensative can fit your needs.