Shelly smart building devices – for your lean building operations

Shelly smart devices are known for being compact, versatile, and highly compatible with other smart home solutions. Shelly devices can be integrated with existing electric installations without replacing switches, sockets, or fixtures.

Shelly devices have direct WiFi connectivity and work without a smart hub or cloud. This makes the installation process easier and frees you from worrying about the reach of your hub. You can also control them with a smartphone and the Shelly Cloud app.

We love the fact that Shelly products can be integrated in so many existing installations and help time energy consumption perfectly because each device can monitor current energy prices as long as it’s connected to your WiFi.

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Some popular use cases we’ve helped solve with Shelly products are:

  • Lean building management

Automatically powering down single desks, offices, and parts of your building when no one is present

  • Building automation

Turning down the heat when your building is not in use and automatically turning it back up before a new work day begins

  • Smart home routines

Automatically have the blinds open, the coffee machine make morning coffee, and light your way to the bathroom when you get out of bed in the morning

  • Smart energy monitoring

Be alerted when an appliance starts to use more energy than usual, so you can save money on electricity and repairs

  • Make all appliances smart

Use Shelly devices to automate your appliances. This lets you avoid water damage, save electricity, and increase comfort

Shelly makes it easy to save energy with smart devices

Shelly is the well-known brand from the Bulgarian tech company Allterco. They’re all about designing high-quality smart products that help us make our buildings smarter.

Shelly has a dedicated team of innovative developers and an active community that drive the amazing growth in their market presence.

Shelly customers share a ton of inspirational use cases like:

  • Smarter charging of electrical vehicles

Old EV chargers and electrical cars can be upgraded to charge at the cheapest rates and save the owners a lot of money. One Shelly customer automated charging to happen at night with an automated email about the price of each charge, and the added possibility of manually activating a charge with the Shelly app or voice control through Alexa.

  • Making pellet stoves smart

Pellet stoves can be efficient and the only way to heat a building out of central heating coverage. Instead of having to check on the stove several times per day, one Shelly customer integrated the pellet stove with the smart home platform. Now the stove is monitored via a smart home app and automatically powered down, when the house is empty.

  • Leave home button

Rather than worrying about whether you remembered to turn off your devices, when you left, why not press one button to take care of it all? One Shelly customer used a Shelly 2.5 to make a regular light switch serve this purpose. All Shelly devices are powered off, and the Shelly app tells Alexa to shut off all smart speakers and lights.

  • Automating internet router restart

Not all internet routers automatically reconnect to the internet when they lose connection. So one Shelly customer used the Shelly Gen2 device to check internet connection at set intervals and restart the router if the connection is lost. This could save some trips to your holiday home or wherever your not so smart router is placed.


  • Automating the task of making tea at home

The customer simply says “Hey Siri, let’s make a cup of tea” to activate a predefined Siri Shortcut. The kitchen cabinets are switched by a Shelly device to open, and the tea kettle is turned on to begin boiling water. Then the kettle turns off again, the cabinets are automatically shut.

Popular Shelly smart devices

Shelly WiFi-operated smart fit in most electrical boxes and switches. Help make your appliances smart, control indoor climate systems, lights, and more. Fast and easy to control with the Shelly app or voice assistants.

Shelly Pro DIN rail smart switches add safety features and ease automation of building operations. Can be customized for a range of scenes triggered by your access control system, external data like electricity prices, and more.

Shelly Smart Energy Meters let you monitor energy consumption professionally in real-time. Get notified about any unusual power consumption and find the unnecessary energy use in your building.

Shelly BLU Button is an easy way to control and activate scenarios remotely without a smartphone. Predefine actions and scenes so you can activate them with a combination of clicks.

Shelly also manufactures a range of smart sensors, smart light bulbs, and switches. We do our best to carry a range of Shelly products to keep up with the increasing demand for the many different tasks they can help automate.

Reach out to us to hear how Shelly smart devices can help you make your building smarter.